Watch: Beyoncé’s videos for “XO” and “Drunk in Love” feat. Jay Z


The promotional cycle for Beyoncé‘s new self-titled record has been anything but conventional. The “visual album” appeared suddenly late Thursday, shocking fans and insiders alike (a marketing blitzkrieg that merited Bey some truly impressive sales figures). Now, she’s serviced not one but two singles to radio in “Drunk in Love” and “XO”, and also revealed their corresponding videos.

“XO” chronicles a day at a carnival, complete with group sing-alongs on the boardwalk, choreographed dance routines atop Skee ball tables, and a sensuous performance in front of the Gravitron. Meanwhile, “Drunk in Love” features Beyoncé writhing around a beach, like some kind of R-rated Bo Derek in 10, before being joined by Jay Z for cocktails and cuddling.

Watch both below.


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