Watch: Eminem and Rihanna play doctor in video for “The Monster”


The nostalgia found within The Marshall Mathers 2 LP goes both ways: as much as Eminem is recounting his own personal heyday and offering homages to the vintage Beastie Boys and Max Headroom, he’s also exploring whatever skeletons still hang in his closet. And in the video for “The Monster”, he tackles those remaining demons with a trip to Dr. Rihanna.

The Rich Lee-directed video sees Eminem take an Inception-style elevator ride through his own psyche, reliving scenes from his life and career, including the “Lose Yourself” video and his Grammy’s performance with Elton John. It’s an emotionally jarring ride down to the ground floor, where he seeks solace in a metaphysical confrontation with the real cause of all his downfalls and relapses.

Get lost in the emotional roller coaster below.


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