Happy 45th birthday, Dave Grohl! Watch this hilarious interview from 1994

Fueled by his well-documented “coffee addiction,” Dave Grohl has always been kind of a goof, from his memorable appearances on Saturday Night Live skits to his stint as guest host of Chelsea Lately, where he hilariously threw shade at Coldplay. Even back in the day, Grohl hammed it up for the cameras.

Dating back to 1994, this hysterical interview conducted by T.R. Youngblood, his former brother-in-law, shows a much lankier Grohl donning a funny-looking hat and walking around suburbia while he mockingly waxes nostalgic about the grunge look, the recording process behind In Utero, and Barry Manilow’s influence on Nirvana. As funny as it is, it’s also a revealing look into Grohl before he would form Foo Fighters later that year. Watch below (via Reddit).


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