Josh Homme and Jay Z make up following Made in America spat

Queens of the Stone Age
Queens of the Stone Age

Photo by Debi Del Grande

Last September, we learned that Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme wasn’t too fond of Jay Z. Not too fond at all.

“That guy’s a kook, you know,” he told Canada’s CBC Radio 2, criticizing Jay Z and the strict security policies at his Made In America festival in Philadelphia. “He has his security frisking the bands on the way in… I just told (the security guard) ‘If you open up my bag, then we’re not playing, so I guess it’s up to you now to decide whether I’m playing or not…’”. He continued, “You shouldn’t frisk my guys, you should f**k off.” Queens of the Stone Age eventually played the festival post-security squabble, but appeared both “visibly and vocally frustrated” throughout their set.

However, fast forward a few months and it seems their little spat’s finally been put to rest. “We had a conversation, and I think we saw each other’s point of view pretty clear,” Homme recently told Rolling Stone (via Gigwise). “In fact, he told me his own family had a problem with security.”

There you have it, ladies and gents. Two music titans “hugging it out”.


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