Liars announce new album, Mess, stream “Mess on a Mission”

Brooklyn art punk trio Liars have announced the release of their next album: Mess will arrive on March 24th via Mute Records. The follow-up to 2012′s Top Star-earning WIXIW comes stocked with another 11 tracks to shake the senses, and you can start the confusion now with its spearheading single, “Mess”.

“Facts are facts and fiction’s fiction,” Angus Andrew moans in that lazy, bored, and yet empathetic way of his. It sounds like a Devo song on valium, though the “Our next evolution!” chorus would be a fitting chant for any mental ward, preferably screamed by Brad Pitt’s 12 Monkeys character.

Stream it below, or grab it on iTunes when you pre-order the new LP.

Mess Tracklist:
01. Mask Maker
02. Vox Tuned D.E.D.
03. I’m No Gold
04. Pro Anti-Anti
05. Can’t Hear Well
06. Mess On a Mission
07. Darkslide
08. Boyzone
09. Dress Walker
10. Perpetual Village
11. Left Speaker Blown


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