Listen: “A Selfish Man” by WU LYF offshoot Francis Lung

Francis Lung

Manchester musician and former WU LYF bassist Tom McClung plays under the pop minstrel moniker Francis Lung. Last summer McClung released music with fellow ex-WU LYF members as Los Porcos, but today he’s dropped his debut solo single, “A Selfish Man”. Glossed over with a funk-tinged sheen, it’s a tale of self-absorption and wretched human nature disguised as an airy, pop delight. Listen in below.

The track is off a forthcoming 7-inch, due out on January 16th via Atelier Ciseaux, but is likely taken from a much larger collection of work that McClung had been working on during and after his time in WU LYF. Dubbed the working title Faeher’s Son, it’s a set of songs that are said to bare “witness to a fair amount of turbulence and reflection.”


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