Listen: Dean Wareham’s new single, “Holding Pattern”

More than 25 years after forming Galaxie 500, Dean Wareham will release his debut solo album. Due out March 11th, the self-titled effort spans nine tracks, produced by My Morning Jacket’s Jim James and recorded in James’ own studio in Louisville, Kentucky.

As a preview, Wareham’s unveiled the album’s lead single, “Holding Pattern”. As he’s done throughout his career, most recently on his solo EP Emancipated Hearts, Wareham plumbs the depths of his own inner workings for inspiration. Even amid the larger-than-life machinations of lush, almost celestial synths and the deliberate rumbling of guitars, Wareham’s own personal turmoil is the real source of gravity. Lost in the big, black emptiness, he’s just looking to find an actual place (both physically and emotionally) to finally call home. Even without a foreseeable happy ending and his unshakable cynicism, it’s hard to not get caught up in the interstellar journey. Listen in below.

Dean Wareham Tracklist:
01. The Dancer Disappears
02. Beat the Devil
03. Heartless People
04. My Eyes Are Blue
05. Love Is Not a Roof Against the Rain
06. Holding Pattern
07. I Can Only Give My All
08. Babes in the Wood
09. Happy & Free


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