Listen: Denzel Curry and Deniro Farrar’s new song, “Bow Down”

North Carolina’s Deniro Farrar and Florida’s Denzel Curry both excel in grim and forceful rap music, but here’s one difference between the two: Where the young Curry’s gun-talk is so bold-faced it comes across as surreal, Deniro is more directly cold-blooded. Nonetheless, the pair’s bullet-strewn, M-rated “Bow Down” marks the start of a promising relationship, and you can hear it below (via The Masked Gorilla.)

Deniro’s verse structuring brings to mind Chicago’s drill-music sergeants, Curry is devilish as ever, and D.K.A.D.’s beat explodes like Big Sean’s “Mula”. The song is less than subtle, but coming from a motormouth teenager and a guy as ink-splashed as JR Smith, you wouldn’t expect it to be. Additional malice comes from the clips of Al Pacino fire-breathing in The Devil’s Advocate.

“Bow Down” isn’t off a collaborative album or anything, but Curry’s Nostalgic 64 is available now. Deniro, meanwhile, signed with Vice/Warner Bros. a few months back and presumably has a big project forthcoming.


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