Listen: Krill get messy on thrashing new song, “Turd”


“I had a vision of myself, a turd spinning in flushing water, not going down,” Krill croak at the start of the awesomely-named, spiky shit show that is “Turd”. The Massachusetts indie rock trio are damn frustrated with themselves, spewing disgust over the feeling of being “stuck” because of bad life choices, resentment over their inability to keep commitments, and just lots of other messy emotions that could only be described as ARGH, BLAH, and UGH. What better way to soundtrack their utter dump of discontent than with wailing, barbed guitars, vocals that grow ever closer to madness, and a succinct, totally “I give up” type of title? It’s not pretty, but it’s pretty darn relatable. Listen in below (via Stereogum).

“Turd” is off Krill’s forthcoming EP, Steve Hears Pile In Malden and Bursts Into Tears, due out February 11th via Exploding In Sound. Be sure to check out its title track.


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