Listen: Sleepy Sun’s trippy new song, “Outside”

Psych-rock outfit Sleepy Sun rattle off yet another track from their forthcoming fourth album, Maui Tears, which hits shelves on January 28th via Dine Alone. “Outside” continues the wigged-out antics of December’s “Galaxy Punk”, but is far more ssttrreettcheeedd and soupy, sounding as though it’s being blasted through speakers submerged in jello. That sounds kind of gross, but I promise the song is anything but. In fact, it’s gooey in a pretty groovy way, as the band takes their time wringing out every reverb-soaked moment. Dive in below.

Maui Tears Tracklist:
01. The Lane
02. Words
03. Everywhere Waltz
04. Outside
05. 11:32
06. Theilbar
07. Slowdown
08. Galaxy Punk
09. Maui Tears


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