Listen: Spoon’s rare KTRU radio session from 1997


In 1997, Spoon wasn’t exactly the indie-rock royalty they are today. Just a year removed from their 1996 debut, Telephono, and less than a few months from the highly transitional Soft Effects EP, the group was still fine-tuning their noisy and rambunctious sound into something far more complex and nuanced. For a taste of those plucky early days, campus radio station KTRU has made available a six-song EP recorded during a show from the lawn at Rice University. Spoon: Live at KTRU pulls from material from both Soft Effects and Telephono, and portrays a band that, while still clearly experiencing some growing pains and awkwardness, was already well on its way to bona fide rock stardom. Steam and/or download it below.

The band is currently at-work on their eighth studio album, due out sometime this year. Color us super stoked.


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