Listen: Tara Jane O’Neil’s precious new song, “Elemental Finding”


“I walked into the fire to meet you and through the fire we walked,” Tara Jane O’Neil sings softly on “Elemental Finding”. Her voice — a pillowy blend of both serenity and deep reflection — floats through the ghostly psalm, drifting between icy, tingling xylophone and the low, stark hum of a piano. When O’Neil, a former Rodan member and Mount Eerie associate, allows her thoughts and emotions to lay bare amidst an even barer backdrop of instrumentation, the results are quiet, yet so painfully moving. Listen in below.

O’Neil’s first new album in five years, Where Shine New Lights, is due out January 28th via Kranky Records. Check out another track, “Wordless In Woods”.

Where Shine New Lights Tracklist:
01. Welcome
02. Wordless in Woods
03. This Morning Glory
04. Over. Round, In A Room. Found.
05. Glow Now
06. The Lull the Going
07. Elemental Finding
08. All Now Vibe
09. The Signal, Wind
10. The Signal, Lift
11. Bellow Below as Above
12. New Lights for a Sky