Listen to an early demo of Uncle Tupelo’s “Screen Door”


On January 28th, Legacy Recordings will reissue No Depression, the widely acclaimed debut from influential folk-rock trio Uncle Tupelo (who, of course, would later give rise to both Wilco and Son Volt).

Included in the expanded release is Not Forever, Just For Now, a rare 10-song demo tape from 1989 recorded with the original lineup of Jeff Tweedy, Jay Farrar, and Mike Heidon. Back in November we heard one of its cuts, an early take of “I Got Drunk”. Now another gem has been unearthed, a demo version of “Screen Door”. Listen in below (via Diffuser).

The No Depression Legacy Edition will also include bonus tracks that appear on the album’s 2003 reissue; songs taken from their 1983 self-released Live and Otherwise cassette; and five cuts off the band’s 1987 demo Colorblind and Rhymeless.

No Depression: Legacy Edition Tracklist:

Disc One

No Depression (Original Album)
01. Graveyard Shift
02. That Year
03. Before I Break
04. No Depression
05. Factory Belt
06. Whiskey Bottle
07. Outdone
08. Train
09. Life Worth Livin’
10. Flatness
11. So Called Friend
12. Screen Door
13. John Hardy

No Depression Era Odds & Ends
14. Left In The Dark
15. Won’t Forget
16. I Got Drunk
17. Sin City
18. Whiskey Bottle (Live Acoustic)

Disc Two

Not Forever, Just For Now (No Depression Demos, Produced By Matt Allison, 1989)
01. Outdone
02. That Year
03. Whiskey Bottle
04. Flatness
05. I Got Drunk
06. Before I Break
07. Life Worth Livin’
08. Train
09. Graveyard Shift
10. Screen Door

From Live & Otherwise (Self-Released Cassette, 1988)
No Depression
12. Blues Die Hard

From Colorblind and Rhymeless (1987 Cassette Demo)
13. Before I Break
14. I Got Drunk
15. Screen Door
16. Blues Die Hard
17. Pickle River