Listen: Ty Segall’s FUZZ covers The Kinks’ “Till the End of the Day”

Here’s something Henry Rollins is sure to love. FUZZ, one of Bay Area rocker Ty Segall’s many side projects, has unleashed a cover of The Kinks’ 1965 single “Till the End of the Day”. Unsurprisingly, it’s a sweaty and head-banging blitz of a rendition, not unlike the explosive material found on the band’s recent self-titled debut. Loud and fast as hell and showing no intentions of taking even the slightest breather, Segall and Co. brandish enough rabid energy to demolish even the most advanced of sound systems. If your speakers can take it, listen in below. Also, can we talk about the artwork? Lol.

And here’s the original for full comparison:

FUZZ’s “Till the End of the Day” cover is off Famous Class’s latest installment of their LAMC 7-inch series, dedicated to label partner Ariel Panero.


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