Listen: Xiu Xiu’s bone-chilling new song, “Lawrence Liquors”

Xiu Xiu - Angel-Guts-Red-Classroom

Xiu Xiu will follow up their Nina Simone covers album with Angel Guts: Red Classroom, a 14-track effort of new and original work, due out February 4th via Polyvinyl. Dubbed “unsuitable for the faint of heart” by a press release, the LP is the sound of Xiu Xiu in their “darkest hour” as they tackle a host of heavy subjects, including “racialized sex, double suicide, double penetration, criminality, and fear of physical harm”.

Unsurprisingly, the latest track to surface is no walk in the park. “Lawrence Liquors” is a frightening aural blitz from the start, full of mutant shrieks, incongruous spatial blips, and, of course, Jamie Stewart’s creepy whisper. Listen in below.

Angel Guts: Red Classroom Tracklist:
01. Angel Guts
02. Archie’s Fades
03. Stupid In The Dark
04. Lawrence Liquors
05. Black Dick
06. New Life Immigration
07. EL Naco
08. Adult Friends
09. The Silver Platter
10. Bitter Melon
11. A Knife In The Sun
12. Cinthya’s Unisex
13. Botanica De Los Angeles
14. :Red Classroom


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