Listen: YACHT’s new single, “Plastic Soul”


Since the release of 2011’s Shangri-LaYACHT have spent most of their time touring and focused on non-musical endeavors, such as developing a sketch comedy show. But in recent months, they’ve slowly begun to release new material in random trickles. In August came the Marc Maron-aided protest anthem “Party at the NSA”, followed by October’s remix of The Julie Ruin’s “Right Home”, and then, just last month, “Icarus Complex” off the BOATS charity album.

Now, the “brand” returns with a new stand-alone single entitled “Plastic Soul”, available digitally and on limited edition cassingle through DFA Records. Similar to the motifs on Shangri-La, socio-political commentary about rampant consumerism and petty vanity is made to sound practically bubbly and life-affirming over the whirl of disco synths and lightly vocodered vocals. Watch the corresponding video below, which the band wrote in collaboration with YouTube comedy network JASH.

As they’re wont to do, the band accompanied the clip with a manifesto press release:

It’s 2014, and you’ve awoken to find yourself alone for the first time in months. Your serotonin levels are at an all-time low. For as long as you can remember, you’ve been relentlessly battered by millions of corporate dollars targeted directly at your valuable eyeballs. And it’s still boring. Snapchat sucks. You’ve even worn out the most exciting long-player that came wrapped in non-disclosure agreements just to delight you. When you think you’re losing it, this is your theme song.


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