Lyyke Li to make acting debut in Swedish thriller Tommy

Lykke Li - Tommy Thriller

Lykke Li hasn’t yet released a follow-up to 2011’s Wounded Rhymes, but maybe that’s because she’s been branching out into the acting world. The singer-songwriter — whose music has already been featured in a number of TV and film soundtracks — will make her big screen debut with Tommy, a Swedish crime thriller due out on March 4th.

The film is about a woman whose husband is involved in “one of the biggest robberies ever in Swedish criminal history”, according to its official trailer, which Lykke posted on Instagram. It’s directed by Tarik Saleh, who previously directed Lykke’s music videos for “Sadness is a Blessing” and “I Follow Rivers”.

Below, watch the Tommy trailer:

And revisit the video for “I Follow Rivers”:


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