Watch: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ emotional “All Wash Out” video

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ video for Here’s “All Wash Out” comes in an unusually moving fashion. The clip was co-directed by and stars 20-year-old Danish fan Sophia Glaser and was originally entered in a music video contest. Sadly, Sophia passed away recently following a brain hemorrhage she suffered in her sleep while studying abroad in Prague. After playing the clip at Sophia’s memorial service, her older sister, Luna, sent the footage to Edward Sharpe’s camp with a letter telling Sophia’s story. Now, the band has chosen to release it as the official video.

In the letter, Luna said, “I find the description (which went along with her video); ‘A girl goes on a journey to wash away what’s behind her leading to her rebirth’ incredibly moving as she would have no idea that she would soon leave this earth. Sophie was not meant to act in the video, but due to incredible karmic circumstances, the actress who was supposed to participate was prevented to come (last minute) and Sophie stepped in. Both acting and directing.” The clip sees Sophia traveling through a damp woods to baptize herself in a stream, coming out rejuvenated and free on the other side.

“It gives indescribable joy and comfort to be able to turn to this video, during this period of grieving and to know that it will stay with us,” Luna added. You too can share in the joy the video has brought to the family by watching below. Head to Edward Sharpe’s YouTube post to read Luna’s full letter.


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