Watch: Kim Gordon on HBO’s Girls

Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon made a guest cameo on the season premiere of HBO’s Girls on Sunday night. Spoiler alert: In the episode, she played a sharp-tongued patient in a rehabilitation facility, where Jessa Johansson is also recovering. Watch the full episode below (Gordon’s cameos take place at the 7:37 and 14:06 mark).

This isn’t Gordon’s first foray into television or film. She previously had a cameo on Gossip Girls, as well as a credit in the Bob Dylan film I’m Not There.

For Girls, Gordon follows in the footsteps of Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koening and Donald Glover, who both made appearances in season two. The show’s soundtrack is also full of big-name musicians, including Beck, Miguel, Jenny Lewis, and Lily Allen, all of who contributed new music.


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