Watch this 12-year-old kid rap “Clique” on stage with Jay Z

kid jay z

I was always under the impression that fans holding up signs making requests at a concert generally undersoon they’re probably going to be ignored (unless you’re at a Springsteen show). But in Greensboro, NC on Sunday night, one little hot-shot at a Jay Z show proved me wrong. 12-year-old Justin from Maryland lofted a sign that asked, “Can I rap for you?”, and wouldn’t you know it, HOV said sure and pulled him up on stage.

As if that didn’t take enough bravado, he tells Jay that he doesn’t need any music. After a big breath and a thumbs up, he proceeds to completely slay Jay’s verse from “Clique” with nearly flawless delivery. The one hiccup? Jigga cutting him off to tell him to skip the part about drug dealing. Justin drops back in without hesitation, and even has nerve left over to ask to meet Jay Z backstage after the show. Essentially, this kid’s braver than you, luckier than you, and had a better story to tell on the school yard come Monday than you ever did. Watch the whole thing unfold below.


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