Listen: The Fresh & Onlys’ new song “Animal of One”


San Francisco’s The Fresh & Onlys are releasing their fifth full-length, House of Spirits, on June 10th via Mexican Summer. After sharing the hazy lead single “Bells of Paonia”, the band returns today with “Animal of One”.

Unlike “Bells of Paonia”, which saw the quartet at their most downbeat and atmospheric, “Animal of One” is more uptempo, a track soaked in sunny reverb and retro pop sensibilities. Frontman Tim Cohen’s voice recalls the moody warble of both The Cure’s Robert Smith and Arcade Fire’s Win Butler, adding a dash of somberness to the song’s otherwise beach-ready vibe. Take a listen over at NPR.

House of Spirits Tracklist:
01. Home Is Where?
02. Who Let the Devil
03. Bells of Paonia
04. Animal of One
05. I’m Awake
06. Hummingbird
07. April Fools
08. Ballerina
09. Candy
10. Madness