GWAR launch GWAR Fluids, “the most delicious E-liquids in the entire universe”


GWAR don’t just sound good; they’re also pretty tasty. First there was the GWAR-themed BBQ sauce, now the comedic metal band have launched GWAR Fluids, “the most delicious E-liquids in the entire universe”.

Figuring that most e-cigarette users may have gotten bored with their ho-hum vapors, GWAR have come up with some pretty gross weird interesting flavors. The ever-tastefully named “Jizmoglobin”, which offers hints of creamy blueberry, nut, and custard, sounds like a winner. Similarly, “Bloodbath”, a fruity blend designed to satisfy the “bloodlust of every scumdog in the universe”, might just be the kick your mundane e-cig needs.

The vaporizing fluids were done in conjunction with Mount Baker Vapor and promise the best GWAR-approved ingredients. “We only use freshly squeezed babies to give it that personal GWAR touch,” says Beefcake the Mighty in a press release. “I have even given up crack, to Vape these flavors full time!”

Jizmak Da Gusha offers up his own two cents, claiming GWAR Fluids “are like Vaping cookies and cream right out of a strippers ass!” Well, won’t Martha Stewart just get a kick out of that.

Check out all the GWAR Fluids flavors below and snag yours today here.

GWAR - fluids

Bloodbath: A powerful tropical fruit blend specially designed to satisfy the bloodlust of every scumdog in the universe.

German Chocolate Beefcake: A sweet cake flavor with the perfect combination of chocolate, coconut, and caramel. This liquid was concocted from an ancient recipe enjoyed by all who reside on the planet Cholesterol.

GwaRy4: Our lords and masters GWAR commanded we make an Ry4 suitable for them. This is our take on a classic vanilla caramel tobacco flavor.

Jizmoglobin: A creamy blueberry blend with notes of nut and custard. Each bottle of Jizmoglobin is freshly harvested by Skulhedface herself.

Spew: A primarily melon flavor with hints of mixed fruits and berries.