Listen: Klaxons’ new song “Show Me a Miracle”


British indie rockers Klaxons have already shared a number of singles from their forthcoming third album, Love Frequency. They started their tour of the album’s “EDM summit” with the disco thumper “There Is No Other Time”, followed by the future-pop anthem “Children of the Sun”, and, most recently, the industrial-leaning “Atom To Atom”.

Today, they share one more single, “Show Me a Miracle”, and it’s a fairly impressive integration of their various sounds and inspirations. While it’s not as hard-edged as, say, “Atom To Atom” can be at times, the track’s nontheless a multi-faceted club monster. Here, dub rhythms, shimmery deluges of electronic noise, new rave percussion, and an air of disco hedonism are mixed into one truly potent blend. That infectious chorus, though, is pure pop romanticism.

Listen in below:

Love Frequency is due out June 16th via Akashic Rekords/Sony. For even more sounds, check out a remix of the title track from Chemical Brothers’ Tom Rowlands (who also produced “Children of the Sun”).

Love Frequency Tracklist:
01. A New Reality
02. There Is No Other Time
03. Show Me A Miracle
04. Out Of The Dark
05. Children Of The Sun
06. Invisible Forces
07. Rhythm Of Life
08. Liquid Light
09. The Dreamers
10. Atom To Atom
11. Love Frequency