Underworld’s dubnobasswithmyheadman receives deluxe reissue


Underworld has announced a deluxe reissue of its debut album, dubnobasswithmyheadman, to coincide with its 20th anniversary.

Due out October 6th, the five-disc set includes a newly remastered version of the album, along with an assortment of unreleased material and alternate mixes culled from the original MIDI files. In addition, the reissue will be available as a single-disc CD, deluxe two-disc CD, HD Blu-Ray, and double LP vinyl. Pre-orders are ongoing; see the full tracklist below.

Underworld has also announced a unique one-off performance of the album, set for October 11th at London’s Royal Festival Hall.

Dubnobasswithmyheadman Reissue Tracklist:

CD 1 – dubnobasswithmyheadman (Remastered)

01. Dark & Long
02. Mmm…Skyscraper I Love You
03. Surfboy
04. Spoonman
05. Tongue
06. Dirty Epic
07. Cowgirl
08. River Of Bass
09. M.E

CD2 Singles 1991 – 1994

01. The Hump (Wild Beast)
02. Eclipse (Released As Lemon Interrupt)
03. Rez
04. Dirty (Released As Lemon Interrupt)
05. Dirtyguitar
06. Dark & Long (Hall’s Edit)
07. Dark & Long (Dark Train)
08. Spikee

CD3 Remixes 1992 – 1994

01. Mmm…Skyscraper I Love You (Jam Scraper)
02. Cowgirl (Irish Pub In Kyoto Mix)
03. Dark & Long (Most ‘Ospitable Mix)
04. Mmm…Skyscraper I Love You (Telegraph 16.11.92)
05. Dark & Long (Burts Mix)
06. Dogman Go Woof
07. Dark & Long (Thing In A Book Mix)

CD4 Previously Unreleased Recordings

01. Concord (3 Comp75 id9 A1771 Aug 93A)
02. Dark & Long(1struffid3A15512)
03. Mmm…Skyscraper I Love You (A1765 Sky Version id4. Harmone6 COMP43)
04. Mmm…Skyscraper I Love You (After sky id6 1551 2)
05. Can You Feel Me? (from A4796)
06. Birdstar (A1558 Nov 92B.1)
07. Dirty Epic (Dirty Ambi Piano A1764 Oct 91)
08. Spoonman (version1 A1559 Nov92)
09. Organ (Eclipse version from A4796)
10. Cowgirl(AltCowgirlC69MixfromA1564)

CD5 Live Jam Kyme Rd (Previously unreleased live rehearsal recorded in the band’s home studio in 1993)

01. Mmm…Skyscraper I Love You
02. Improv 1
03. Bigmouth
04. Improv 2
05. Big Meat Show
06. Improv 3
07. Spoonman

Below, watch Underworld’s original video for “Cowgirl”: