Hear 12 potential songs for Radiohead’s new album


In a pair of recent interviews, Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood revealed the band’s plans to reconvene in September to begin work on their ninth studio album. In fact, Greenwood has already begun emailing song ideas to Thom Yorke.

Of course, the band’s repertoire already includes a number of completed, as-yet-unreleased songs, which could find their way onto the new record. (If you recall, the track “Morning Mr. Magpie” pre-dated The King of Limbs by almost a decade.) So, what are some possible candidates for album No. 9?

The website Citizen Insane has rounded together 12 songs that the band has previously debuted in some fashion, but all of which remain unreleased. Among them:

“Identikit”, a song which was first debuted during The King of Limbs tour in 2012:

“Cut A Hole”, another song debuted during The King of Limbs tour:

“Ful Stop”, also debuted during The King of Limbs tour:

“Skirting on the Surface”, a song which dates back to the band’s OK Computer-era, but wasn’t debuted live until The King of Limbs tour: 

“Wake Me (Before They Come)”, originally debuted during a soundcheck for the band’s show at the Hollywood Bowl in 2008:

“The Present Tense” had been sounchecked by the band on several occasions in the mid-2000s before ir was finally debuted live by Thom Yorke in 2009:

“Burn the Witch” was first mentioned by the band as far back as 2003, but only snippets of the song have been performed in concert.

“Come to Your Senses”, a song which was performed once during soundcheck prior to a show in 2006:

“I Lie Awake”, a song which was performed once during a soundcheck in 2008:

“Riding a Bullet”, a song which was performed during soundcheck prior to a pair of concerts in 2008:

“Open the Floodgates” dates back to 2006 and was debuted live during a Thom Yorke solo show in 2009:

“Follow Me Around” dates back to OK Computer sessions and was also considered for inclusion on Kid A. It received its live debut in 2000, and was performed again by Thom Yorke during Atoms For Peace shows in 2009 and 2010:

For a more extensive breakdown on each song, check out Citizen Insane.