Jonny Greenwood says he’s been emailing new Radiohead songs to Thom Yorke

Earlier this month, Jonny Greenwood revealed that Radiohead plans to reconvene in September to begin work on their ninth studio album. In anticipation, Greenwood says he has already begun emailing ideas for new songs to frontman Thom Yorke.

Speaking to The Sunday Times, Greenwood explained, “I was emailing stuff to Thom last night, actually.” “But it’s not the same, is it?” Greenwood cautioned. “You don’t see [Yorke] tutting.”

Greenwood also stressed that there’s no timetable for the album’s release. “No! Release? No, no idea. No,” adding: “Our plan is to start making music soon. We’ve just got to get the inertia back.”

Radiohead’s last album, The King of Limbs, was released in 2011. The band’s return to the studio comes following a lengthy hiatus, during which several of the band members have focused on solo projects. Yorke recorded and toured with Atoms For Peace, Greenwood scored the new Paul Thomas Anderson film Inherent Vice, and drummer Phil Selway recently announced the release of a new solo album.


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