Listen: The Wytches’ new song “Crying Clown”


Ever since clowns have been a thing, they’ve historically been absolutely terrifying and also the worst. Thankfully, even though The Wytches titled their latest single “Crying Clown”, it isn’t actually about those zany creatures. Instead, it’s an electrifying dose of brooding garage rock.

“Crying Clown” is the fourth taste of the English band’s forthcoming LP Annabel Dream Reader, which is out on August 26th via Partisan Records. Along with “Wire Frame Mattress” and “The Holy Tightrope”, “Crying Clown” is darkly rendered, with heavy guitars and an ambling, menacing atmosphere. While songs like “Wire Frame Mattress” seem to have been written with The Smashing Pumpkins in mind, this song was likely inspired by horror films and metal.

Listen in below (via The A.V. Club):

Annabel Dream Reader Tracklist:
01. Digsaw
02. Wide At Midnight
03. Gravedweller
04. Fragile Male For Sale
05. Burn Out The Bruise
06. Wire Frame Mattress
07. Beehive Queen
08. Weights and Ties
09. Part Time Model
10. Summer Again
11. Robe For Juda
12. Crying Clown
13. Track 13