Listen: Titus Andronicus’ new song “Stranded (On My Own)”


This evening, Titus Andronicus frontman Patrick Stickles held an online press conference. He spent a lot of time ranting about the media, expressing his love of the Mets (yay!) and the Jewish people, and sharing a few of his favorite 7-inches. In the midst of what felt like a psychotic break with reality, Stickles revealed the meaning behind the mysterious “7×7” hashtag the band’s been using throughout this week on their social media accounts.

Beginning July 7th, New Jersey’s resident punk rockers will begin a seven-week subscription series of split 7-inch singles. First up on the docket is a reissue of the band’s rare, out-of-print debut 7-inch, 2007’s aptly-titled The First 7-Inch. In addition to the remastered tracks from longtime engineer Kevin McMahon, the double release (or, as Stickles calls it, a “14-inch”) features a bonus 7-inch featuring one unreleased song, entitled “Talking Oral Fixation Blues”, which Titus hasn’t performed live in nearly a decade.

From there, the following six releases, one every seven weeks, will each feature one new Titus song and another from a “friend of the band.” The second 7-inch, which lands on August 25th, will feature Titus’ “Stranded (On My Own)”, which has been a staple of their live show for some time. On the B-side, a contribution from Wicked Kind, a new Titus offshoot featuring drummer Eric Harm and bassist Julian Veronesi alongside Lost Boy ?‘s own Davey Jones.

“Over the course of these seven weeks, the next chapter of Titus Andronicus will unfold,” Stickles said. “The future won’t be a river of shit you have to swim up. Color will return to the world and leaves will come back to the trees.”

Subscriptions are available now at Titus Andronicus’ webstore. The entire series will run $45, plus another $18 for shipping. Those who are already Super-VIP members of the Titus store are automatically subscribed.

The First 7-Inch Tracklist:
A1. Titus Andronicus
A2. Fear And Loathing In Mahwah, New Jersey
B1. Arms Against Atrophy
B2. Talking Oral Fixation Blues

During the broadcast, Stickles debuted both songs from the second 7-inch. Titus’ “Stranded (On My Own)” is a Clash-ian power anthem, while Wicked Kind’s “Sport” sounds like a less grimy Titus. Stream both tracks below:

Titus Andronicus – “Stranded On My Own”:

Wicked Kind – “Sport”:

Titus Andronicus is also holding a release show for the first 7-inch at New York’s Shea Stadium. Tickets run $14 and include a free copy of the first 7-inch. There is also a meet-and-greet following the shortened set. Head here for additional info. Show time is at — you guessed it — 7 p.m. sharp.