Listen: Cold Specks’ new song “Exit Plan”, featuring Swans’ Michael Gira


For her upcoming sophomore album, Neuroplasticity, Canadian singer-songwriter Al Spx, aka Cold Specks, enlisted two primary contributors. Trumpeter Ambrose Akinmusire’s mournful playing punctuates album tracks like “Abisto”, “Old Knives”, and “A Broken Memory”. Meanwhile, Swans frontman Michael Gira lent his vocal talents to a couple album tracks, including the newly shared “Exit Plan”.

There’s no real sense of unity to the pair’s harmonizing, as Gira’s heavy and brooding baritone sounds completely alien to Spx’s lithe and soulful croon. But in that sense of disparity the duo still find the purest of collaborations: Gira’s voice infuses Spx’s with a sense of density and gravity, and in turn, Spx lends Gira’s somewhat depressive tones a sense of life. Add in the chiming of bells, warm, fluidic guitars, and lines like “Death is swallowed up in victory,” and the entire track is a moving experience that’s as uplifting as it is utterly heartbreaking.

Listen in below (via Stereogum).

Neuroplasticity is due out August 26th via Mute Records. Pre-orders are ongoing.

Neuroplasticity Tracklist:
01. A Broken Memory
02. Bodies at Bay
03. Old Knives
04. A Quiet Chill
05. Exit Plan
06. Let Loose The Dogs
07. Absisto
08. Living Signs
09. A Formal Invitation
10. A Season Of Doubt