Listen: Lemonade’s new song “OST”


New York synthpop trio Lemonade are gearing up to release their third album, Minus Tide, on September 9th via Cascine. Already we’ve heard “Stepping”, “Orchid Bloom”, and “Come Down Softly”, all of which exemplified the group’s knack for blazing summer anthems. Their latest single, “OST”, keeps the snappy rhythms and hooks but adds a bit of darkness to the mixture.

If the previous tracks were made for the dance floor, “OST” was made for the adrenaline-fueled drive home after the party’s over. Stuttering beats move ominously under swirling synthesizers as reverb-tinged vocals croon descriptions of falling rain. It’s the rare moment where Lemonade plays the wallflower, getting introspective and observing all the fun from the outside.

Listen in below.

Minus Tide Tracklist:
01. Stepping
02. Durutti Shores
03. Clearest
04. Water-Colored Visions
05. Reaches
06. Awake
07. Orchid Bloom
08. Come Down Softly
09. OST
10. Minus Tide