Listen: Oasis’ acoustic demo of “She’s Electric”


As part of an ongoing celebration of their 20th anniversary, Oasis will reissue their classic sophomore album, (What’s The Story) Morning Glory?, on September 30th. In addition to a remastered version of the original LP, the set will include a handful of B-sides and previously unreleased live takes and demos. Last month, we heard an early take of “Bonehead’s Bank Holiday”; now comes a sparse acoustic demo of “She’s Electric”.

According to Noel Gallagher’s liner notes (via Rolling Stone), the origins of “She’s Electric” date all the way back to his school days.

“‘I’ll be you and you be me’ is from Stop, Look and Listen,” he explains of the songs lyrics. “We used to be at school and you’d have a class where’d they play TV. It was Sesame Street but an English version. That stayed with me for years until I wrote ‘She’s Electric.'”

Listen in below.

(What’s The Story) Morning Glory? is the latest Oasis album to be reissued in the ongoing Oasis: Chasing the Sun series. Earlier this year, Definitely, Maybe was re-released with a similar treasure trove of archival material.

(What’s The Story) Morning Glory? Tracklist:

Disc 1:
01. Hello
02. Roll With It
03. Wonderwall
04. Don’t Look Back In Anger
05. Hey Now!
06. (untitled)
07. Some Might Say
08. Cast No Shadow
09. She’s Electric
10. Morning Glory
11. (untitled)
12. Champagne Supernova

Disc 2:
01. Talk Tonight
02. Acquiesce
03. Headshrinker
04. It’s Better People
05. Rockin’ Chair
06. Step Out
07. Underneath The Sky
09. Cum On Feel The Noize
10. Round Are Way
11. The Swamp Song
12. The Masterplan
13. Bonehead’s Bank Holiday
14. Champagne Supernova (Brendan Lynch Mix)
15. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away

Disc 3
01. Acquiesce (Live At Earls Court)
02. Some Might Say (Demo)
03. Some Might Say (Live at Roskilde)
04. She’s Electric (Demo)
05. Talk Tonight (Live At Bath Pavilion)
06. Rockin’ Chair (Demo)
07. Hello (Live At Roskilde)
08. Roll With It (Live At Roskilde)
09. Morning Glory (Live At Roskilde)
10. Hey Now (Demo)
11. Bonehead’s Bank Holiday (Demo)
12. Round Are Way (MTV Unplugged)
13. Cast No Shadow (Live At Maine Road)
14. The Masterplan (Live At Knebworth Park)