Listen: The History of Apple Pie’s new song “Jamais Vu”


With their sophomore LP, Feel Something, London’s The History of Apple Pie promise to blur the boundaries between sprightly pop and dour shoegaze. Though grand and nebulous, album track “Don’t You Wanna Be Mine?” still packs synthpop’s life-affirming pep. And while it feels grounded in the cheerier confines of indie pop, “Tame” burns with the scintillating intensity of atmospheric guitars. Today, the band unveils another of the record’s sonic experiments with their latest single, “Jamais Vu”.

It’s no coincidence that the song takes its title from a memory disorder characterized by the “illusion that the familiar is being encountered for the first time.” For some, the track will feel like a bevy of first-time listening experiences occurring all at once: the immediacy of garage rock guitars; the basic, almost primal rhythms of dance-rock; the overpowering rhythms of arena rock; and the quaint romanticism of ’60s bubblegum pop. Holding together all that noise and history is a sense of emotionality that proves to be utterly timeless.

Listen in below.

Feel Something is due out September 30th via Marshall Teller.

Feel Something Tracklist:
01. Come Undone
02. Tame
03. Keep Wondering
04. Special Girl
05. Jamais Vu
06. Puzzles
07. Don’t You Wanna Be Mine?
08. Ordinary Boy
09. Snowball
10. Just Like This