Preview Weezer and Bethany Cosentino’s new song “Go Away”


Way back in 2010, jut as Weezer were just hitting the studio to record the follow-up to Hurley, Rivers Cuomo announced plans for a very special guest star. “I’m getting together with Bethany Cosentino from Best Coast and we’re going to write a song,” he said at the time. “You never know where these songs are going to end up but it could be on the next Weezer record.”

Now, some four years later, the collaboration is set to appear on Weezer’s latest LP, Everything Will Be Alright In The End. Today, just a month before the record’s release, we get a preview of the track, entitled “Go Away”, as part of the ongoing “Weezer Wednesday” campaign.

If you originally imagined Cosentino’s sunny girl group harmonies layered over fuzzy garage rock noise ala a more hyperactive Pinkerton, then you would have been dead right.

“Well — I co-wrote + am featured on a song on the new Weezer album,” Cosentino wrote on Instagram. “So basically, all my teenage dreams have officially come true.”

Watch the teaser below.

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Everything Will Be Alright In The End is due out October 7th via Republic Records. Produced by Ric Ocasek, who previously helmed The Blue Album and The Green Album, the 11-track album is described as having “the tight structure of Blue Album with a little bit more abandon like Pinkerton.” It includes the lead single “Back to the Shack”.

Everything Will Be Alright In The End Tracklist:
01. Ain’t Got Nobody
02. Back to the Shack
03. Eulogy for a Rock Band
04. Lonely Girl
05. I’ve Had It Up to Here
06. The British Are Coming
07. Da Vinci
08. Go Away
09. Cleopatra
10. Foolish Father
11. The Futurescope Trilogy