Asobi Seksu side project Youth Worship releases new song “Pink Snow” — listen

Things have been quiet on the Asobi Seksu front since the band went on hiatus last year. Now, though, guitarist James Hanna and drummer Larry Gorman have broken the silence, trading in dream pop for fuzzed out garage rock with their new project Youth Worship. They’ve wasted no time diving into the new band, already playing shows and penciling in their debut, EP1, for a September 31st release via Self Harm Records.

Their first single, “Pink Snow” clearly demonstrates that Youth Worship is a marked departure from Asobi Seksu’s ethereal vibes. Hanna’s guitar blares assertively, chugging along with punk tenacity. The shoegaze elements aren’t lost though, with droning lead guitar lines swooning in the background and massive layers of noise over top. Even with all the distortion, there’s a sentimental spirit to the track as Hanna spouts lines like, “I don’t see anyone but you.”

Listen in below.


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