Conor Oberst shares video for “Common Knowledge”, announces new two-song single

A few months back, Conor Oberst took viewers 10 years into the future with his video for “Zigzagging Toward the Light”. With nary a zombie or toxic rat monster in sight, the world of 2024 is a place where some Big Brother-esque A.I. program has achieved total control of the planet. (Think less Terminators and more forced conversations about your most intimate thoughts and fears.) Oh, and Oberst’s otherwise rocking locks have become more gross and awkward.

Today, he lends further insight into his world of tomorrow by releasing a companion piece for “Common Knowledge”. Here, a 44-year-old Oberst spins records and sips booze in an office building while reminiscing of younger days spent laughing, loving, and running amok with friends. Even as Old Man Oberst tries to cut his hair and regain some semblance of the past, the video’s message is clear: No matter how hard you fight, there comes a time in life where, for better or worse, all that truly remains are the memories. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a much more frightening prospect than even a million T-1000 cyborgs riding genetically-altered, fire-breathing dinosaurs.

Watch it below.

Both “Zigzagging Toward the Light” and “Common Knowledge” appear on Oberst’s latest solo album, Upside Down Mountain, out now via Nonesuch Records. For this year’s Black Friday Record Store Day event (November 28th), Oberst will release two new songs taken from the the album’s sessions: “Standing On The Outside” and “Sugar Street”.

Oberst will kick off the latest leg of his US tour next Sunday (September 14th), with dates running through mid-October. Consult the full schedule here.


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