deadmau5 is moonlighting as an Uber driver in his new McLaren 650S

Say goodbye to the “Purrari” and say hello to the “Meowclaren.” Just months after selling his Nyan Cat-covered Ferrari 458 Spider, EDM wild child deadmau5 has bought a brand new whip. No, he didn’t go with a sensible champagne-colored Prius or the always sexy minivan. Instead, he went ahead and traded up for a McLaren 650S.

What the “Meowclaren” might lack in a meme-themed paint job (for now…), it more than makes for it with overall power and acceleration: Its claimed top speed of 207 mph edges out the Spider’s max of 198 mph. (At speeds like that, an extra 10 mph is probably the difference between “Wow, how fast!” and “Oh god, oh god, slow down!”)

So, just how did deadmau5 break in his brand new toy? By becoming an Uber driver for, and it’s his words here, “shits and giggles.” The DJ’s one-night voyage happened Wednesday night (9/10), as he shepherded the drunk and the car-less around the city of Toronto. Here he is helping one lucky passenger go get his burrito on:

Say what you will about sports cars: They’re loud, obnoxious, and they’re often symbols of status for the shallow and weak-minded. (Sorry, I spent a few years working at a Ferrari dealership in Scottsdale, of all places.) But deadmau5 seems to approach them in the way a nerd might approach a collection of Battlestar Galactica figurines, with a sense of wonder and passion rather than outright entitlement. Even if you hate the inherent macho vibes that come with these cars, just look at it this way: what better way to say “Hey, Disney, bring it on” than wildly tearing through the streets in a car that runs $270,000? Faster, Pussycat! Spin! Spin!

Here’s the “Meowclaren” in all its current glory:


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