Dilly Dally shares new song “Candy Mountain” — listen

Toronto four-piece Dilly Dally make grungy, aggressive music with accessible but not quite polished melodies. Led by Katie Monks, a captivating frontwoman who paradoxically sounds both unhinged and lethargic as she slurs and haphazardly throws her voice around, the band is gearing up to release a new 7-inch single. “Candy Mountain” b/w “Green” is due out October 14th via new label Fat Possum Records. As a preview, they’ve shared the A-side.

Like most Dilly Dally singles, “Candy Mountain” is Monks’ show. Her voice takes center stage, snarling and shrieking over clashing guitars and shooting leads. It’s a promising step for the group, and will hopefully end up on their debut album, whenever that comes out. Listen in below (Stereogum).


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