Go full hipster and buy a beard comb made of vinyl records

I’ve had a beard for about four years now, but I’ve only just started maintaining and pampering my patchwork of red and brown bristle hairs. Until recently, I was under the belief that real men grew beards and let them get all long and gnarly and full of tangles, like Grizzly Adams or the Unabomber. Then, last month, I bought this almond beard scrub, and I’ve learned that a happy beard makes for a happy man. Also, my wife kisses me way more, which I assume is just some sort of coincidence.

For my next purchase, I’m considering buying an actual beard comb, and to really maximize the hipster potential, why not go for one made out of vinyl? The latest product of the Estonia-based Upstairs Shop, the “Grably” beard comb is comprised entirely of old records (hopefully from big, bushy beard-having folk singers) and comes in two sizes: the thick teeth of “Grably No. 15” is perfect for curly beards, while the thin teeth of “Grably No. 20” is better suited for longer beards. All that and a decidedly sleek, retro aesthetic means your favorite hipster can bust this out during the next Hold Steady gig and not feel the slightest bit embarrassed.

Order your “Grably” here; each comb runs about $11.50 US, plus another $6.50 US for shipping and handling. If you’re in need of other home goods forged from re-purposed vinyl LPs, there’s also coasters, card holders, bowls, side tables, purses, and much, much more. Then, when you die, get your body pressed into your very own vinyl record!

Below, check out a few more pics of the “Grably”. An oddly mesmerizing beard combing tutorial follows.




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