Grouper releases gorgeous new song “Call Across Rooms” — listen

Portland-based singer-songwriter Liz Harris, aka Grouper, will release her 10th studio album, Ruins, on October 31st on Kranky Records. The follow-up to 2013’s gorgeous The Man Who Died In His Boat is comprised entirely of material Harris recorded in Aljezur, Portugal back in 2011. (The exception being “Made of Air”, which she recorded at her mother’s house circa 2004.) According to a statement, Harris said that the album is “a document. A nod to that daily walk. Failed structures. Living in the remains of love.”

As our first taste, she’s shared a delicate and haunting new track entitled “Call Across Rooms”. In an interview with Vogue, Harris described the song as “on one level very plain and literal, about a letter I wrote for someone I loved and could not get along with.” She added, “On a more subconscious, poetic level, it is a letter to myself, as aspiration to love better.” With sparse piano chords and Harris’ ethereal vocals practically untethered to the song, her arrangement superbly encapsulates the lovelorn sentiment, resulting in a quiet but potent number.

Listen in below.

Ruins Tracklist:
01. Made of Metal
02. Clearing
03. Call Across Rooms
04. Labyrinth
05. Lighthouse
06. Holofernes
07. Holding
08. Made of Air


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