Iceage releases new song “How Many” — listen


Danish punk band Iceage has deemed its upcoming third studio album, Plowing Into The Field Of Love, to be both “bold and fierce,” the result of the foursome “channeling the rage and emotion of their tempestuous early releases into finely honed musicianship. This is an album about seeing, learning, and rejecting things, in a cycle that repeats and builds.” So far, that maturation has been heard on the shambolic punk jam “The Lord’s Favorite” and the dark and brooding “Forever”.

Today, Iceage share another of the album’s 12 tracks in “How Many”. If the whole LP is about taking all that youthful rage and angst and channeling it with laser-like precision, then this is a momentary indulgence of the polar opposite. Here, the band loses total control, with the track slowly melting from aggressive post-punk jam into a cacophony of wild-eyed emotional sentiments, mangled piano, manic percussion, and Elias Bender Rønnenfelt’s increasingly disturbed vocals.

Watch its accompanying visualizer below.

Plowing Into The Field Of Love is due out October 7th via Matador Records. In support, the band will be on tour in the US starting in mid-October. The month-long jaunt wraps up in early November with an appearance at Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Fest. Consult their full schedule here.

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Plowing Into The Field Of Love Tracklist:
01. On My Fingers
02. The Lord’s Favorite
03. How Many
04. Glassy Eyed, Dormant and Veiled
05. Stay
06. Let It Vanish
07. Abundant Living
08. Forever
09. Cimmerian Shade
10. Against The Moon
11. Simony
12. Plowing Into The Field Of Love