Joey Bada$$ shares new single and video, “Christ Conscious” — watch


Following a handful of mixtapes and EPs, including Summer Knights and 1999, Brooklyn MC Joey Bada$$ is at last set to release his proper full-length debut. Entitled B4.Da.$$., the LP is due is due out in the coming months. In anticipation, he’s unleashed the lead single, “Christ Conscious”.

Over a minimal backdrop of faded beats, Bada$$ spits boastful, threatening rhymes about “coming for the top dollar.” If his slick and shrewd wordplay is any indication, Bada$$’s peers should be shaking in their Timbs. Here’s just a snapshot of the vitriol he so effortlessly doles out to both the nonbelievers and competition:

Yes, I guess the word is out, we coming for the top dollar
Top rottweiler, since I popped my collar
Niggas say they hit us, they ain’t ever shot nada
Me? I’d rather not snitch up on my own problems
Cause I’m a microphone killer
Especially when my head is gone off the liquor
Specially educated, heavily medicated
Give me that beat and I’ll put you next to Dilla, my nigga
Flow sweeter than vanilla
Tell these haters beat it, can’t Jackson thriller
I’m the nigga that you see when you’re in the mirror
Say my name five times, this what I deliver

Below, check out the video for “Christ Conscious”, which sees Bada$$ literally transcending his mortal form to become some kind of godlike entity (via MTV).

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