Kendrick Lamar will perform at the Bermuda Triangle on Halloween

Photo by Phillip Cosores

The Bermuda Triangle is widely regarded as a nexus for bad mojo, a place where planes, boats, and anything else goes to permanently drop off the face of the Earth. If you think that sounds like the perfect locale to throw a massive party, the folks at Bacardí agree: This Halloween, they’re turning Earth’s resident portal of doom into the Bacardí Triangle, featuring a series of performances from Kendrick Lamar, Ellie Goulding, and Calvin Harris. Come for the rum, stay for the frightening, unexplained natural phenomenon!

The series of concerts is set to take place October 30th through November 2nd. The first night is relatively safe, with a kick-off bash in an as-yet-unspecified city in Puerto Rico. The party will then move over to Palomino Island, essentially the heart of the Bermuda Triangle itself. Fun fact: Over 500 people have disappeared in the Triangle.

A lucky 1,862 (hey, that’s the year Bacardí first opened!) guests will be flown into the Triangle via private jets and be put up in five-star hotels, because that’s the treatment people should totally expect since they’ll never, ever see their families again. For more info and to enter the contest, head here. I wish you all the best of luck. Muahahahahahah!

Below, watch a trailer for the Bacardí Triangle event. An interesting documentary on the actual Triangle follows.


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