King Tuff releases new song “Headbanger” — listen

Psych rocker Kyle Thomas, aka King Tuff, described his intentions for “Black Moon Spell”, the title track to his upcoming third album, as “fucking you wickedly in the ear.” He’s equally poetic in describing the album’s latest track, “Headbanger”.

“This is another instant classic from the scrambled egg brain of King Tuff, the mischievous gnome child of rock & roll,” Thomas told Rolling Stone. “A love poem steeped in sexual innuendo referring to the primitive heavy metal act of wickedly banging ones skull against innocent air molecules, so that the hair explodes in a dazzling display of joy and freedom.” Wait, is he paraphrasing Chaucer somewhere in there?

The song itself focuses less on displays of linguistic insight and more so on getting your neck a whippin’. Drums crash and thud with the collective aggression of a high school metal show; guitars bounce back and forth between sweltering solos and loops of pure malice; and though he may not have Dio’s range, the attitude that abounds Thomas’ hoarse croon is more metal than a pile of steel. If you grew up as either a punk kid or a metal kid, here’s a track that’ll let you see the virtues of both.

Watch its accompanying visualizer below.

Black Moon Spell is due out due out September 23rd via Sub Pop. For more, check out the swirling “Eyes of the Muse”, plus the non-album single “Danger In The Dark”.

In support of the album, Thomas will be on tour later this month, with the leg wrapping up in early November with an appearance at Fun Fun Fun Fest. Consult the full schedule here.

Black Moon Spell Tracklist:
01. Black Moon Spell
02. Sick Mind
03. Rainbow’s Run
04. Headbanger
05. Beautiful Thing
06. I Love You Ugly
07. Magic Mirror
08. Madness
09. Demon From Hell
10. Black Holes in Stereo
11. Radiation
12. Eyes of the Muse
13. Staircase of Diamonds
14. Eddie’s Song


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