Lydia Ainsworth shares gorgeous song “Hologram” — listen

Photo by Jessica Upton

Lydia Ainsworth is a rising Canadian singer-songwriter and producer whose music reads like a cross between electronica and avant-pop, Purity Ring and Bat For Lashes. Later this month, she’ll release her debut album, Right From Real, via Arbutus Records.

Already Ainsworth has shared two promising album tracks in “Malachite” and “PS1”; now, she’s unveiled a lovely number entitled “Hologram”. Swimming within an ethereal ocean of glimmering piano, churning synths, and pulsing percussion, Ainsworth sounds like a phantom mermaid, her voice an amorphous, entrancing, and decidedly surreal force of nature. Using her background in film and television composition, Ainsworth deftly showcases her imaginative and cinematic ear for mesmerizing pop.

Listen in below.

Right From Real hits shelves on September 30th via Arbutus Records.

Right From Real Tracklist:
01. Candle
02. White Shadows
03. Malachite
04. Take Your Face Off
05. Moonstone
06. Hologram
07. PS1
08. The Truth


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