Mac DeMarco covers Burt Bacharach’s “This Guy’s In Love With You” and introduces his new guitarist

In pursuit of his own solo career as HOMESHAKE, longtime Mac DeMarco guitarist Peter Sagar has left behind his bros in the band. As his replacement, DeMarco has enlisted another buddy of his in Andy White. Our first introduction of the stache-rocking guitarist comes as DeMarco and co. unveil a new cover of the Burt Bacharach-penned classic “This Guy’s In Love With You”. Subtlety, thy name isn’t Mac DeMarco.

It’s hard to decide what’s the most romantic part about this whole affair. On the one hand, DeMarco’s hazy, dream-like rendition of the song, which features him playing around with a rather Prince-ian vocal approach, will give you chills (in ways both good and bad). However, the accompanying video, which follows White as he spends a day in New York City riding trains and posing for caricatures, has a certain sheen of nostalgia to it (as in the kind found upon VHS bootlegs). Decide for yourself when you watch below.

In an accompanying statement, DeMarco wrote, “Introducing, our new guitar messiah: Andrew Charles White. In this clip, Andy discovers the sights, sounds, and flavour of New York City. I peed my pants, I shit my pants, I am the donkey boy with the tiny penis. God Bless.”

I do believe things are gonna be just fine within Camp DeMarco.


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