Mac Demarco side project HOMESHAKE releases song “Making A Fool Of You” — listen


This fall, Mac DeMarco’s longtime guitarist Peter Sagar embarks on a career of his own under the moniker HOMESHAKE. Having put out a self-titled EP last spring, he’ll release his debut solo album, In The Shower, on October 7th via Sinderlyn/Bad Actors. Already we’ve heard the soothing lead single “Cash Is Money”; now, Sagar is taking things even slower with “Making A Fool Of You”.

Similar to the emotions DeMarco himself explored on his Salad Days LP, Sagar uses the track to dive deep into his personal melancholy. Screwed backing vocals pop in and out of the mix against the jazz guitar lines, with each moving part shifting and changing at a deliberate pace. The slow-motion slow-jam adds weight to Sagar’s painful realizations, like the simple but doubly cutting “She’s making a fool of you”. It’s proof that being the class clown clearly doesn’t shield anyone from heartbreak and disappointment.

Listen in below.

In the Shower Tracklist:
01. She Can’t Leave Me Here Alone Tonight
02. Chowder
03. Doo Dah
04. Making a Fool of You
05. Michael
06. Cash is Money
07. Okay
08. Slow
09. The Shower Scene
10. Home at Last