Report: Lorde and Kanye West to collaborate on new music

Lorde and Kanye West have an age difference of 20 years, hail from entirely different parts of the globe, and are titans in two entirely different genres of music. Yet, as we’ve learned in recent months, the two musicians have a great deal of mutual admiration for one another. Lorde has covered Kanye’s tracks “Flashing Lights” and “Hold My Liquor” in concert, while Kanye told the 17-year-old pop star that he “liked the messages in my songs.”

If a collaborative track sounds like the logical next step, you would be correct. According to Page Six of The New York Post, Kanye and Lorde will soon enter the studio and collaborate on new music.

Kanye is also reported to be working with Paul McCartney on the follow-up to last year’s excellent Yeezus, meaning we could be in store for one very interesting album.

Below, revisit Lorde’s cover of “Flashing Lights” and “Hold My Liquor”.


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