Shakey Graves strips down and saddles up for Lagunitas Loft session — watch

Singer-songwriter Alejandro Rose-Garcia, aka Shakey Graves, is a a country musician of a slightly different caliber. Though he may not sing about pick-up trucks and unfaithful women, his brand of dusty, roots-laden rock is one that fits easily within both traditional country and Americana, while still having the bite and vigor of the “anti-folk” movement he grew out of. With a beard like Kris Kristofferson circa 1975 and his trademark 10-gallon hat never far away, Graves’ Parisian-model-meets-wholesome cowpoke look further blurs cultural lines.

More recently, Graves got a chance to show off his deep and sturdy country roots during a stop at the “Lagunitas Loft”. Performing “Only Son”, from his upcoming album And the War Came, Graves stripped the track down to its very core, leaving only a driving and jagged country yarn brimming with the depth and simplicity of a George Jones tune and brash, punk rock-esque intensity. Adding to his cowboy credibility, Graves performed atop an actual saddle, undoubtedly a difficult task when one is jamming out like they’re riding a bucking bronco. This here rider definitely deserves a tip of the ol’ Stetson.

Watch the performance below.

And the War Came is due out October 7th via Dualtone Records. Pre-orders are ongoing.


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