Strand of Oaks covers The National’s “Pink Rabbits” — listen

Back in June, singer-songwriter Timothy Showalter, aka Strand of Oaks, released HEAL, an excellent and deeply personal album about overcoming pain and tragedy. It turns out that in addition to his own material, Showalter found much comfort and catharsis in the music of others, specifically The National and their Trouble Will Find Me highlight “Pink Rabbits”, which he’s covered this week.

He spoke to Magnet Magazine of his connection to the moving track: “The most important song for me in recent memory. A lot of music is great but not important. Listening to “Pink Rabbits” became mandatory for me. I would associate this song with my lost month or months last fall. I unfortunately discovered that drinking potato vodka alone with the only the National to keep you company can be dangerous. I would find myself talking with angels and other crazy shit when this song was on repeat. Then I realized I don’t have to get fucked up to love this record. This song saved me and destroyed me simultaneously.”

Listen to his cover of “Pink Rabbits” below.



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