Surfer Blood and We Are Scientists share new songs from tour 7-inch — listen


Indie rockers We Are Scientists and Surfer Blood are teaming up for a co-headlining tour later this fall. The hype is not lost on the bands either, who are quick to note the importance of this lineup.

“W.A.S. and Surfer Blood: this is one of those pairings that people are going to remember fondly for decades,” We Are Scientists bassist Chris Cain said in a statement. “Other examples? E.T. and Elliott. Ferraris and the color red. Jetpacks and gravity. It really is a hell of a bill.”

To coincide with the jaunt, the bands are releasing a tour-only 7-inch featuring a brand new song from each act. For their contribution, Surfer Blood has shared the dreamy “NW Passage”. The riotous track sheds the production sheen from 2013’s Pythons in favor of lo-fi haziness. Frontman John Paul Pitts’ vocals ring blissfully against the gritty guitar lines, adding a sense of pop levity to the raucous sound. It’s a return to form for the band, heading away from the recording studio and back into the garage.

Meanwhile, We Are Scientists’ contribution, “Distillery”, carries the same pop-rock ethos. In a statement, We Are Scientists guitarist and vocalist Keith Murray describes the track as a “a pretty chilled-out song, for us.” He adds, “You can still dance to it — I’ve seen people do just that — but it’s also great for sitting in a hot tub with some icy white wine and an erotic novel. It’s an autumn song, in other words.” Murray’s description isn’t far off, as he croons lines about drinking white wine and letting his mind drift against Cain’s smooth bass lines. Murray’s shimmering guitar lines pop in and out of the mix to up the intensity, only to inevitably drift back into the soothing bass groove.

Listen to both tracks below.

Surfer Blood – “NW Passage”:

We Are Scientists – “Distillery”:

The joint tour kicks off on October 1st and spans nine dates. Consult the full schedule below.

Surfer Blood and We Are Scientists 2014 Tour Dates:
10/01 – Boston, MA @ The Sinclair
10/03 – Washington DC @ U Street Music Hall
10/04 – Philadelphia, PA @ Jonny Brenda’s
10/05 – Ithaca, NY @ The Haunt
10/06 – Toronto, ON @ Horseshoe Tavern
10/07 – London, ON @ Call the Office
10/08 – Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall
10/09 – St. Paul, MN @ Turf Club
10/10 – Madison, WI @ The Sett